Business Transactions and Litigation

Anticipating problems is often key to avoiding litigation and other costly legal processes. For that reason, individual property owners, developers, corporations and real estate investors may need my assistance in forming the legal entity that is best suited to their goals. On their behalf I establish corporations, partnerships, LLC's and joint ventures. I also review proposed business agreements and contracts pertaining to suppliers, regulatory agencies and other parties to such agreements.

As a professional who has been managing my own business since 1982, I understand the businessperson's need for cost-efficient, competent legal services that take everyday economic realities and other practical factors into account. Whether my client is forming a new entity, acquiring business assets or opening a satellite office, I can offer advice on a wide range of issues: operations liability, purchase and sale of businesses, employee relations, non-competition matters, compliance with corporate requirements and much more.

At my client's direction, I work with managers, accountants, brokers and other professionals to help delegate tasks among operational team members.

Business partners sometimes find themselves deadlocked. When that happens they may call on me to guide them through a resolution of their dispute, such as conflicts arising during the winding up period of a dissolution of a business. I also assist with minority shareholder disputes, problems between customers and businesses and between suppliers and corporate wholesalers and retailers.

When business and commercial disputes reach the point of requiring litigation, I handle matters involving unfair business practices, fraud, lender liability, director and officer liability and other business torts.