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Real Estate Sales

I help property owners avoid disputes in connection with real estate transactions by reviewing proposed contracts, drafting sales agreements and easements and counseling with respect to disclosure statements. I am also skilled at "troubleshooting" and negotiating settlements when misunderstandings arise in pending sales.

As a licensed real estate broker, in addition to having specialized in real estate law for 30 years, I have particular expertise in cases of fraudulent and negligent non-disclosure, representing sellers, buyers and real estate agents. Many times such cases are resolved without resorting to litigation or, if litigation is commenced, they are settled without trial. I help my clients decide on what terms they should settle their cases in view of my experience as a litigator.

Another area of my practice involves brokers' commision disputes, assisting brokers and sellers.

Instances of breaches of contract arise often in my practice. I counsel clients with repsect to delays in close of escrow, attempts to cancel or rescind, interpretation of ambiguous contract language and similar situations. Under some circumstances, it may be difficult to ascertain whether the parties are still "in contract" or not. My ability to understand the intricacies of contract law in the context of real estate is one of my strengths.