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Real Estate Sales

I help property owners avoid disputes in connection with real estate transactions by reviewing proposed contracts, drafting easements and counseling with respect to disclosure statements. I am skilled at "troubleshooting" and negotiating settlements when misunderstandings arise in the context of pending sales.

While an escrow is pending, buyers might learn from a preliminary title report that there is an easement which burdens the property that they are in the process of purchasing. Or, a question may arise about the location of a boundary line. Such issues ought to be addressed by a real property attorney such as myself before escrow closes. This is a time-sensitive situation and, therefore, I endeavor to make myself available for urgent client conferences that need to happen on short notice.

Instances of breaches of contract arise often in my practice. I counsel clients with respect to delays in close of escrow, attempts to cancel or rescind, interpretation of ambiguous contract language and similar situations. Under some circumstances, it may be difficult to ascertain whether the parties are still "in contract" or not. My ability to understand the intricacies of contract law in the context of real estate is one of my strengths.