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Ownership Issues

California law requires that all contracts related to real property must be in the form of a signed written agreement. Therefore, before acquiring real property as a tenant-in-common (co-owner) with another person, an experienced attorney should be retained to prepare a tenancy-in-common agreement. Tenancy-in-common agreements cover matters relating to sharing the expenses of the mortgage, taxes, insurance and repairs/maintenance. They also specify consequences if a co-owners fails to make payments required by the agreement.

In the event that there is no written agreement relating to a co-ownership of real property and one of the owners wishes to terminate the co-ownership, but the other owner does not, it may be necessary to file a "partition action" in order to achieve resolution. My goal in these cases is to assist my client in reaching a settlement without going to court, but if that does not happen, I handle all aspects of partition lawsuits.

Sometimes, title companies make errors, particularly in recorded documentsˆ… with devastating legal consequences. I have experience representing owners in cases in which title companies do not correct their mistakes voluntarily.

This area of the law is rather complex; many other types of issues arise in connection with title to real property.