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Construction Law

Any phase of residential or commercial construction can require legal assistance.

During the pre-construction phase, I have assisted in negotiating and drafting owner-contractor contracts, owner-architect contracts and contractor-subcontractor contracts. To avoid common disputes, written contracts clearly should define the scope of the work in as much detail as possible, establish specific price and cost aspects, provide for payment and change order protocols, allocate insurance responsibilities and factor in contingencies, among many other matters.

Also in the pre-construction phase, I have represented developers in the process of obtaining entitlements from local government entities. Sometimes problems may arise from easements or encroachments of neighboring properties, two areas in which my expertise can help a construction project move forward.

During construction, conflicts may result from mechanics' liens, delays in construction, faulty workmanship, unconsummated change orders and improper invoicing. In these areas I have represented the interests of both owners and contractors.

In the post-construction phase, legal problems often arise from faulty workmanship. By consulting with owners, architects, engineers and contractors, I ascertain the damages that are legally recoverable. The most common defect claims involve water infiltration into buildings, land settlement due to poorly engineered or installed retaining walls and problems resulting from inadequate drainage systems. Thanks to having considerable experience practicing construction law, I have learned from the experts who have been involved in my cases many facts regarding construction materials, best construction practices and the physics of building performance. As a result, I have been able to assist my clients successfully by understanding the technical aspects of their construction disputes.