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Leases and Mortgages

Often in commercial contexts, and sometimes in residential contexts, I review proposed leases, draft new leases and help clients negotiate lease terms and conditions. "Boiler plate" leases may have provisions that are quite favorable to one side of the transaction, consequently, prudence in entering into a lease contract calls for the help of a seasoned attorney. Many commercial leases are quite lengthy and contain a significant number of detailed terms and conditions. I walk my clients through these lease provisions in order to educate them regarding the various rights and duties of the landlord and the tenant and the legal effect that they have on their leaseholds.

I also have handled matters involving secured transactions in real property (referred to as mortgages) and in personal property (chattel mortgages, such as equipment financing transactions). This work has entailed creating deeds of trust, promissory notes and chattel mortgages.