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Competence and efficiency in real estate law

I bring thirty years of experience to the practice of law and mediation in the field of real estate. Active in both the residential and commercial domains, my experience has spanned a wide spectrum of specialized practice areas. (Review these by moving your cursor over the list of practice areas to the right.)

Always mindful of the costs of litigation, I diligently pursue out-of-court settlement in contested cases. Confident of the value of alternative dispute processes, I completed a 40-hour training course in mediation, sharpening skills that help avoid more time-consuming and costly remedies.

I always seek to resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. However, if necessary to protect my clients' rights and interests, I do not hesitate to litigate on their behalf.

Not only can I represent you in litigation if someone breaches a contract, fails to repay a loan, defaults in the purchase of a building or cuts down your trees, I also have the ability to review and prepare any contracts or documents to help prevent future disputes.

My skill in negotiating has developed over many years, as well. When mudslides damage homes, I negotiate with insurance companies and adjoining landowners to repair the damage.

I offer a personalized attorney-client relationship based on each client's unique concerns and requirements. By clearly communicating my legal knowledge, I enable my clients to make well-informed decisions for themselves.