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Competence and efficiency in real estate law

I have more than 44 years of experience in private legal practice and mediation in the areas of real property and business law. Active in both residential and commercial matters, I have been handling cases in various specialized practice areas which can be reviewed in more detail by moving your cursor over the list to the right and clicking on each specialty.

With the goal of helping my clients avoid future misunderstandings and controversies, I write thorough, explicit contracts, leases, easements, condominium governing documents, disclosures in real estate sale transactions and written agreements such as those pertaining to LLC operations, co-ownership of real estate not covered by community property law, partnerships, joint ventures, building construction, settlements of neighbors' disputes and several other contexts.

Always mindful of the costs of litigation, I diligently pursue out-of-court settlement in contested cases. Confident of the value of alternative dispute processes, I have been formally trained as a mediator and participated in more than 200 mediations, sharpening skills that help avoid more time-consuming and expensive litigation.

I offer a personalized attorney-client relationship based on each client's specific concerns and requirements. By clearly communicating my knowledge of the law as it applies to a set of facts that is unique for each client matter, I enable my clients to make well-informed decisions for themselves. In addition to educating my clients about their legal positions and options for resolution, I provide practical advice with respect to the potential ramifications and possible outcomes of each of their options.